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Zeca DJ Cubanito

Key facts

Specialist -
Kizomba Music

Origin -

DJ Cubanito was born in Angola and emigrated to Portugal with his parents, who always maintained their culture and the love of dance and music in his life. This interest grew and made him become a professor of dance and DJ with a very distinctive style, which usually vibrates the dance floor with his sets.

Zeca Dj Cubanito portrait 1
Zeca Dj Cubanito portrait2

Manuel Araujo, the stage name Zeca Cubanito, dedicated early to the art of teaching dance and djing.

He began his international career when in 1997 he emigrated to London where he was djiing and taught salsa lessons in the main bars and clubs of the city

After moving back to Portugal, In 2014 he returned to England to teach and DJ across the country

At the moment he is resident teacher in Manchester where he continues to work as a DJ and as a guest teacher for various congresses and events.

Cubanito will be DJing again at one of our events and it is a great pleasure to have him back with us once more.