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Jeydikson Lima

Key facts

Dance Styles Inc -
Kizomba, Semba, Afro House

Origin -
Sao Tome e Principle

Jeydikson was recently awarded the Male Kizomba Teacher of the Year UK award at the KIZOMBA AWARDS 2019

Jeydikson is from Sao Tome e Principe but is now based in Birmingham.

Jeydikson Lima portrait1
Jeydikson Lima portrait2

For some people, dance is just a nice thing to see, it's a body movement, musicality, rhythm and performance. For Jeydikson, Dance is a way of living. It's passion, intimacy, closeness, family, self-awareness and dignity.

Jeydikson will be joining us for the first time at a Salsa feel the heat events and it is a great pleasure to have him join us this time.