General Information


(1) General

Venue : The Daresbury Park Hotel & Spa, Daresbury Park, Warrington, WA4 4BB

The attractive Daresbury Park Hotel & Spa is one of the best hotels in Warrington and is located just a 3 minute drive from J11 on the M56 and offering easy access to Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. The Hotel is within easy reach of a wide area thanks to its excellent location and the local motorway network. The Hotel accommodates a Health and Leisure Club, available to residents free of charge and is a great way to unwind with facilities including Gym, Spa, Sauna and Indoor Heated Pool.

The event runs from 9.00pm Friday 5th July 2019 through to the end of the Sunday Evening Party on Monday 8th July 2019 at 3am.

Registration of Full weekend passes for Hotel Residents will be between 3.00pm and 6.00pm situated in the main Hotel Reception.

Later Registrations are from 8.30pm Friday 5th July, for Full weekend passes, 9.45am Saturday & Sunday, situated in the Conference Centre Foyer where everyone will be issued with a security wristband and a current programme for the weekend. 


(2) By Road

Travel information : By Car

From Motorway

M6 / M56

At junction 20A on the M6, exit onto M56 toward North Wales/Chester/Runcorn

Then At junction 11, Leave the M56 and take the A56 exit to Preston Brook / Daresbury

From Warrington Town Centre

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A49, Then at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Chester Road / A5060

Continue to follow Chester Road, Then Continue onto Chester New Road / A56. Continue to follow A56 Then Turn right onto Red Brow Lane. Daresbury Park will be on the right


(3) By Rail

The nearest stations to the Daresbury Park Hotel are Warrington Bank Quay ( main line ) and Warrington Central Stations ( regional line ). Both Approximately 5 miles from the venue.

Warrington Bank Quay Station, approximately 5 miles from the venue, has regular connections to / from London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle & Liverpool.

Warrington Central Station, approximately 5 miles from the venue, has regular connections to / from Liverpool, Manchester , Nottingham, Newcastle & York.

By Air

Manchester's Ringway Airport and Liverpool's John Lennon Airport are both conveniently placed for onward travel to the venue.

(4)  Accommodation

The Daresbury Park Hotel & Spa

This establishment offers reduced rates for guests attending the Summer Salsa Weekender Event.

Places are limited so an early booking is advised.

Alternative Local Hotels in Warrington

Premier Inn Runcorn, Premier Inn Warrington South, Holiday Inn Rurncorn, Village Hotel Club Warrington.

(5) Workshops/Classes

The final Workshop schedule has been based on and reflects the majority responses from questionnaires completed and returned at the time of booking. We believe we cater for the needs of those that book by completing the workshop schedule in this way.

All workshops/classes will take place in the Daresbury Park Hotel Complex.

Workshops will then run from 10.30am - 5.30pm approx Sat & Sun. We will be using upto 7 Spaces for Workshops. Individual room timetables will be posted outside each room.

Please note that there will be no admission into workshops / evening parties without a wristband, so please retain after workshops end for the day.

The array of workshops/classes will cater for as many different tastes and needs as possible. There will be workshops/classes for advanced, intermediate, improver and beginner levels.  Cuban Salsa and other dances, for example Son, Reggaeton, Rumba, Orishas, Rueda, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba & Kuduro will be included. In addition, content will be varied to include partner work, ladies & mens styling and maybe specialties such as threesomes, dips and tricks. There may also be special workshops on rhythm and timing. These type of workshops are pitched slightly higher than at class level and the pace is quicker, as emphasis is on group teaching.  Therefore if you find you are struggling please drop down a level as we want you to enjoy and retain something from the day. As workshops are free-choice if overcrowded, students will be asked to join another workshop.

Interpretation of levels – please remember that whatever your level of Salsa doesn’t always apply to other dance styles e.g. Little or No experience of other styles means you go into the Intro or Beginner classes. For Rueda classes you must have knowledge of the calls for the level (see programme) otherwise go down a level or go into the Beginners class.

This event has attracted some of the UK’s top Salsa teachers, which enables you to learn from the best. This will prove to be a real treat at any level.

You may attend as many workshops/classes as you please ( see schedule ). Regarding the Workshops, you don't need a partner to attend as teachers are asked to rotate couples, just as you would find in a normal Salsa class.

There will be a 20 minute interval between each class. Please arrive early as classes will start and end on time.

(6) Dance Styles

Rueda de Casino – Salsa danced in a circle where a ‘caller’ shouts the moves. Focus is on positioning and timing.

Son -  Based on contra-tiempo rhythms, this is the precursor to Salsa.

Rumba – Afro-Cuban roots and is danced as an improvisation between couples (Yambu, Guaguanco) or men’s (Columbia). Ladies please bring a skirt or scarf for the class. Men please bring a scarf.

Orishas – African Cuban folkloric dances of the Orishas (Yoruba deities)

Cha Cha Cha – popular triple step dance.

Bachata – Originating from Dominican Republic, has 4 beats with a sexy hip action. It is very sensual!!

Salsa Suelta /Cuban Shines - focus on footwork that blends Sasa with Rumba, Son, Afro Cuban etc.

Reggaeton – Very energetic & sexy. It is a mix of hip hop, reggae, bomba & plena beats. Involves lots of body movement and is great fun!

Kizomba -  is becoming one of today’s most popular dances. It is a fusion of Angolan Semba, Argentinean Tango, French Zouk, Samba and Salsa. This diversity of influence adds to the unique flavor of Kizomba Dance with its extraordinary footwork, sensual body movement and African rhythm, where leading and being led finds a new dimension

Styling/Body Isolation – essential upper & lower body movement and techniques that will improve & develop you as a dancer

Not too sure? Ask at the Information Desk or try the ‘Intro 2’ or ‘All’ classes to get the flavour of the dance

(7) Parties and Shows

Parties will take place on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights and will feature top UK DJ’s and include Shows / Animation. You’ll see some amazing Artists – a great way to get inspired!

So whether you’re after Cuban Salsa, Afro Cuban, Son, Reggaeton, Bachata , Kizomba or Cha Cha Party music then there’s something for you!

The Evening Parties start at 9.00pm Fri & 9.00pm but guests are welcome to come along from 8.00pm and relax in the Lounge Area where the Bar will be open and used until the main room is ready.

Fri Eve 9pm - 3am – With Guest DJs in 3 Party Rooms.  Introductions and Animation with the instructors.

Sat Eve  9pm -4am –  Fantastic Shows with music from Guest DJs in 3 Party Rooms. Animation with the instructors.     

Sun Eve 9pm -3am -  With Guest DJs n 3 Party Rooms. Live Band, Shows, Improvisations & Animation with the instructors.

Great music, relaxed atmosphere, Compered by Rohan Brown (Salsa Fever), animation from guest instructors along with your chance to dance with your favourite teacher from the workshops will make for a great Salsa Weekend. Add to that fantastic shows and your weekend is complete.

Please come prepared to have a fantastic Summer Salsa Weekend fun time!!!!!

(8 ) Merchandising Stands

General Information is available at the Salsa Feel The Heat Desk

  1.    Larissa London Dance Shoes will be displaying & selling their fabulous range of dance shoes

  2.    CubaTone will be displaying & selling their fabulous range of sports & fitness wear

  3.    The Foot Pod : Don’t let your feet spoil the fun come and see them for any footcare problems

  4.    Debbie Back2toes offering Remedial & Sports Massage, Reflexology and Pedastress Foot Treatments

(9) Security / Wristbands

No admittance to Workshops or Parties will be allowed without the official event wristband. Please DO NOT remove your wristband. Even if the colour is not to your liking!! Not wearing a valid band may result in you having to pay for another one should it go missing.

(10) General Venue Information

Hotel Residents.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be served in the hotel restaurant

Full Board Residents only: 

(Breakfast 7-10am    Lunch 1-2.30pm    Dinner 6.00-8.00pm).

Refreshments will be available all day (drinks/bar snacks ordered through the hotel.)

Please note that valuables left unattended are at the owners risk, as the venue will be open to the general public during the day.

In the event of fire Hotel Staff will evacuate – Meeting point is front car park.

(11) Feedback

After the event please give us your feedback in verbal or written form (email/facebook) as we appreciate your comments and it is important for future planning.

(12) Filming

Filming will take place during the day for promotional purposes by Chris & Andy-Salsa Feel The Heat. Please check with instructors before filming the class.

Emma  ( is the official photographer for the day.

If anyone prefers not to be included in any photos / videos please make it known to the photographer / videographer if you appear to be in shot.

Salsa...Feel The Heat reserves the right to use any images / footage taken during the event for promotional purposes.

(13) Car Parking

Car Parking is complimentary at the front, side and rear of the Venue. Parking Eye control the car parks and therefore clients must enter their vehicle registration details on to the system when first booking into the hotel to avoid any penalty charges.

Please ensure that you input your vehicle registration number into the terminals located in reception and around the venue to avoid any parking penalty fines. Salsa feel the heat will not be held responsible for anyone in receipt of a parking notice. 

Car Parking is Free but is controlled by Parking Eye.

(14) Performers/Instructors Cancellation

All advertised Performers/Instructors have been confirmed prior to publishing all promotional material and Salsa feel the heat cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation by any of the advertised personnel. Changes may be made to the programme and line up of instructors at our discretion and/or in response to circumstances beyond our control.

(15) Cancellation Penalties

Please note that Salsa feel the heat are unable to make a refund should you wish to cancel your booking. We recommend that you take up insurance to cover your own cancellation as without it, you may result in a loss of monies paid. 

Please read our full terms and conditions of booking.

  1. (16)Hotel Accommodation at the Daresbury Park Hotel & Spa

Hotel Accommodation :  ( minimum stay 2 nights* ) ( Prices based on double occupancy )

£180 per person Full Board ( Bed, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ) Quote Ref SALS050719 for a 3 night stay.

£130 per person Full Board ( Bed, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ) Quote Ref SALS060719 for a 2 night stay.

Single Occupancy Rates are

£210 for 3 Nights Full Board ( Bed, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ) Quote Ref SALS050719 for a 3 night stay.

£140 for 2 Nights Full Board ( Bed, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ) Quote Ref SALS060719 for a 2 night stay.

Tel : Sue 07715 853975   

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